Meishi Film Academy of Chongqing University

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  Meishi Film Academy is one of the 33 colleges of Chongqing University (CQU). It was founded in March 2000 in association with Hongkong Meishi Electric Group with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

  Meishi Film Academy of CQU offers 8 undergraduate programs including Performing Arts, Broadcasting and Hosting, Directing, Drama, Film and Television Literature, Editing and Directing for Broadcasting and Television, Photography, Art Design for Film, TV and Drama(Digital Stage Art Design), Art Design for Film, TV and Drama(Character Modeling). Meishi Film Academy of CQU also offers one MA program in Drama and Film Studies and two MFA programs in film studies and in Broadcast and Television.

  Meishi Film Academy of CQU has 90 staff members at present, 77 of whom are full-time teachers. There are approximately 1000 full-time undergraduates and 130 postgraduates. The academy's dean is the renowned Producer, Director and Actor, Mr. Zhang Guoli.

  Meishi Film Academy's facilities occupy over 10,000 square meters, including a 1000 square meters of Film Studio and Media Center and 2,200 square meters of laboratories. Our laboratories include a Multifunctional cinema, the "Black Box" Theater, an extensive Multimedia Library, a Photography Laboratory, a Rehearsal Room, a Video Screening Room,a Projection Booth, a Musical Instrument Practicing room, a Portrayal Training room, a Film studio, an Audio Laboratory, a Phonetics Laboratory, a Make-up Laboratory, a Film Editing Laboratory, and much more.

  Meishi Film Academy introduces students to a variety of teaching styles, from traditional teaching method to the latest international teaching techniques. The educational principles adopted by the academy ensure that our students obtain a full understanding of basic skills, and develop diverse interests in film and arts, as well as hone their innate capabilities while developing new ones along the way. The academy refers to grading systems of a number of universities , including the credit system, major and minor system, secondary major system, and excellent students system and etc. The aim of the Academy is to cultivate talented students with solid academic foundation, excellent practical ability and innovation ability. Meishi Film Academy of CQU has established various links with film and television professionals, as well as many art institutes within China and abroad. These distinguishing factors have helped to develop this Academy's well known reputation of graduates with a firm base in film education, study and creation.

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